24 November 2014

Day 41 / 104 - Gertie's Quest

IEW's Writing From Pictures unit is something that has shown up multiple times on this blog (here, here, here, here, and here).  We love this assignment.  Working with three pictures, the student pens a three-paragraph story.  My daughter (almost 11) wrote this story last week.  For added fun, the pictures were illustrated by one of her classmates.

Gertie's Quest
Parmesan was a brown, chubby mouse who loved cheddar cheese. Because of his love of cheddar cheese, he was chubby even though he regularly exercised with his Mousercize DVDs. He pestered the owners of his house by sneaking into their refrigerator at night to eat all of their cheddar cheese. The Coles, who owned his home, told their cat, Gertie, to catch this mouse. Otherwise, Gertie would have to spend winter in the trashcan with Oscar.

Gertie, like any intelligent hunting carnivore, set a mouse trap with parmesan cheese. Patiently, he waited by the mouse trap reading the most recent issue of the American Cat magazine. He was so excited to try to make the toilet-paper roll snowman to hang on his Christmas tree later that afternoon. 

While pretending to concentrate on his magazine, Gertie spotted that blasted Parmesan sniffing the cheese in the mouse trap. Disgusted by the fetid scent of the parmesan cheese, Parmesan turned up his tail and quickly retreated back to his mouse hole.  Gertie was furious!! That mouse had escaped again. He growled at the thought of spending winter living in the trash can. What was he to do next!

As Parmesan entered his mouse hole, he turned to Gertie and squeaked, “You should have used cheddar.”

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