I've done this before.  The whole blog thing.  A decade ago my husband and I began documenting our life for about three people to read via the world wide web.  For some reason, it became a lot of work.  Mostly because his life changed, and he no longer had the time to help me maintain it.  Then we lost all creativity.  In fact, if you're looking to waste more time on the internet than me, you can read about our life, our jobs, how we left those jobs, how we gutted a home in order to sell it, our cross-country move, multiple marathon trainings, all kinds of entertainment provided by our children (who were much younger then), and more here.

Since no one really has the time to scroll through our past lives, this post alone might be worth a visit.   It tells why we made the decision to homeschool.  This is our third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth year homeschooling.  We love it.  My husband often says, "We're a homeschooling family...which means my wife works really, really hard."  Hard work, yes.  But, we've also had a lot of fun.  Homeschooling has come to define us, and I would love to share our experiences with you.  At times we're structured in our methods and at other times we're completely unconventional.  That sums up most homeschoolers I know and is one of the joys of homeschooling.

Our homeschooling journey has included our life in Cleveland, Ohio; Beckley, West Virginia; and currently Charlotte, North Carolina.  My son is 16, and my daughter is 14 (as of December 2017).

I believe my schedule will permit me to post a couple times a week (hence the 101 Days theme), but honestly, I have an ulterior motive.  If I remain committed, this blog will nicely print into our state required portfolio assessment at the end of the school year.  For those of you who have also scrambled to assemble an assessment, I trust you understand my reasoning.  Enjoy!