24 November 2014

Day 42 / 104 - Viva Las Vegas

Last week, my son and my husband journeyed to Vegas.  Their trip was two-fold.  First, they were volunteering on the pit-crew of the World's Toughest Mudder.  Tough Mudders have been something we've invested quite a bit of time and energy into over the past several years.  Second, my son had some sight-seeing to accomplish.  If you are unaware of our story, my husband and I lived in Las Vegas from 1999 - 2003.  Our son was born there.  My husband and I have returned to Vegas since our departure, but our son had not.  He was 20-months-old when we moved to the Portland, Oregon area in 2003.

They spent five days in Nevada.  Personally, I experienced quite the range of mixed emotions as they sent me updates.  The picture above shows the staircase to the condo we lived in when he was a baby.  My son sent me this picture from his own phone.  (Side notes:  The metal door to the patio used to always get stuck.  Our dog at the time was so well-behaved that we could let him out to descend the stairs unattended, and he would instantly return.  Our dog today would never do such a thing.)

Naturally, they enjoyed some sight-seeing in the desert.  We loved the desert scenery (still do!).  During our stint in Vegas, we always informed people that there was so much more to the area than the Strip.  The sky in the first picture of this post is what I remember the sky looking like everyday during the four years we lived there.  We played outside daily.

For an added adventure, one day they headed 83-miles northwest of the city to locate the infamous Area 51 Air Force Facility.  This was something my husband and I never did during our time there, despite our love for Mulder and Scully antics.  They spent the better part of a day out there and now my son has a few good stories to share.

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