19 May 2015

Day 99 / 104 - Scout Sunday

If you asked my son to make a list of 2,000 things he wanted to do, playing piano in church would not be on there.  Anywhere.  Yet, for the second year in a row, he graciously entertained the host church for his Boy Scout troop during their Sunday morning service.  For weeks, he diligently practiced his piece, and on Sunday (I'm proud to say) he played exceptionally well.  I even think he might have been blessed by his effort.  ;)

15 May 2015

Day 98 / 104 - World Maps Infographics

How ironic that I would come across this website the same week that our Challenge A Geography strand ends.

Maps of the World Infographics

If you click on the link, you should see the South America Infographic.  On the right side of the page are all the links for their other infographics.  (I love infographics!!)  Play around on their site.  The different continent maps are worth exploring, too.  In my opinion, this is a Challenge A goldmine.

08 May 2015

Day 97 / 104 - Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz

This was not the first time my daughter and I enjoyed the highly acclaimed Broadway musical tour.  However, thanks to a birthday/mother's day gift from my parents, it was the first time we viewed the performance from fourth row seats, which was simply phenomenal.  We were close enough to see how the wigs were attached to the performers' heads and witness which cast member was responsible for hooking and unhooking Glinda the Good from her floating bubble.

We had a fantastic time.  All musical theater was meant to be seen from the fourth row!

01 May 2015

Day 96 / 104 - April Happens At The Table

You may recall, the big news this month is that our house is for sale.  We've had quite a few showings, which is worth rejoicing.  Therefore, our dining room table has resembled more of something you'd find in a dining room instead of something you'd see in a hippie commune/chemistry classroom/art studio/Lego store (insert various other random locations that might have lots of activitiy here).

The picture above is probably my greatest parenting moment to date.  Seriously.  Twenty-six minutes before this picture was taken, our table looked like it usually does.  We received a last minute call for a showing.  This team effort by my children yielded no yelling from me.  Victory.

Diligently, my daughter worked to end her CC year on a high note.  A few times we opted for a Starbucks' table to keep the mess in our home contained.

I was blessed with a jar of gratitude from the Beckley CC community. I have left it on my table even during our showings.

After spending the year drawing the continents, my son will be spending his last month of school drawing the world.  He works on one of these maps at least once a week.

Most fun to me, however, is seeing the activity around your tables.  I love pictures that document life.

30 April 2015

Day 95 / 104 - Dissecting Pigs

With help from many others, my Challenge A class pulled this off today.  They loved it.

Fortunately, my daughter was able to sit in on the fun, too.

27 April 2015

Day 94 / 104 - Crispin: The Cross of Lead

Another three weeks have passed, so it's time to tell post about another Literature assignment.

Crispin: The Cross of Lead is set in 14th Century England.  Crispin is a serf and peasant boy who finds himself without direction and without help as he is falsely accused of a crime.  Like in most memorable novels, Crispin's true identity is unknown to him throughout most of the story.  His life changes when he discovers who he belongs to.

My son and I loved this book.  I finished it in two days (mostly due to my poor planning, but also because it was difficult to put down).  Completing his assignments on Invention, Arrangement, and Elocution came easier this time since my son loved the story so.

Day 93 / 104 - Piano Recital

It was full couple of days for my daughter as Thursday she proofed for Memory Master and presented on Deborah Sampson, and then on Sunday she, and her brother, had their annual spring piano recital.

Both children played their pieces beautifully and without any hiccups. They are such a joy to listen to.  Our piano teacher in Beckley has been such a blessing to us.  I'm amazed at how much my children have progressed musically in the short time we've lived here.  We will miss her greatly!