22 August 2016

Day 103 / 105 - The Taming of the Shrew

Last night, we viewed Shakespeare Carolina's performance of The Taming of the Shrew.  The artists at Shakespeare Carolina do a fabulous job of reimagining the classical cannon.  Last summer, we witnessed The Merry Wives of Windsor from a trailer park.   This summer, we were entertained with professional wrestling as we heard the notable tale of Katherine and Bianca Minola.

I read The Taming of the Shrew comedy in April.  As a result, I really knew the story line, so my children and I mapped out some characters and key scenes (posted below).  This helped tremendously because as I sat through the play last night, I knew exactly what was happening.  This is the first time I can confidently say that about a Shakespeare play in its entirety.  My exposure to The Bard has been a good thing.

19 August 2016

Day 102 / 105 - Newsies The Musical

Last weekend my daughter and I enjoyed viewing the National Broadway tour of Newsies The Musical.  Newsies The Musical tells the story of the Newsboys Strike of 1899 in New York City.  My daughter has been eager to see this musical for sometime.

We loved the show, and I would highly recommend it to others.  The show has a predominantly male cast, so the dancing is highly entertaining and impressive.  We also admired the New York City set.  Naturally, the American history involved in the tale definitely makes the show worthwhile.

18 August 2016

Day 101 / 105 - Amphibious Duathalon

During the first weekend of August, my son (along with my husband) completed the U.S. National Whitewater Center's Amphibious Duathalon.  

The race was a 5K run/2K kayak paddle/5K run.  (After finishing several races at the Whitewater Center over the past year, we can confidently say that their courses are always much longer than stated as well as being some of the most challenging trails we've even been on!)  

Our son claimed the most difficult part of the race was trying to run uphill again after sitting in a kayak for 20+ minutes.  Even so, he wound up finishing 14th overall, and 4th in his age group (which was 30 and under!).  His father had a respectable finish also.

17 August 2016

Day 100 / 105 - Dancing Through The Years

My daughter collected a few photos in order to upload a video to her YouTube channel on National Dance Day.  This was a last minute idea, so she was working mostly with unorganized screen shots.  Had I known she was putting this together, I would have located some past photos that have yet to be archived.  Nevertheless, she still did a fantastic job, and I thought I'd again showcase her video making skills.  Enjoy.

Day 99 / 105 - Great Western Adventure

In July, our son traveled west for nine days.  He accompanied 22 others members of his Boy Scout troop on their Great Western Adventure.

This was an incredibly full trip, as you can see from the agenda posted above.  The troop flew into Denver, and then spent the rest of their time journeying through South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.  They visited seven National parks and/or monuments, as well as countless other tourist spots.

They camped every night, and most of it was off-the-beaten-path camping.  Everything our son took on the trip had to be carried on his back.  They moved locations daily.  

In order to participate in the trip, there was a certain rank requirement that the Scouts needed to achieve beforehand as well as a few specific merit badges.  Our son was busy this spring fulfilling those requirements.   

He said his favorite part of the trip was horseback riding in the Tetons.  

He had a great time! (Although he was quite exhausted upon returning home.)  

04 August 2016

Day 98 / 105 - July Happens At The Table

Slow-posting days.  I'm never going to make it to 105 posts before fall!  ;)

[Note to self: In the future, the academic year being profiled MUST BE FINISHED before the official start to summer.  Otherwise, it will never be finished.]

My son went out west in July (more on his trip in a later post).  All his gear needed to carried on his back, so it took us a few days to get him organized.  I also made him revisit his Geography by drawing a map of where he was headed.

The watercolors covered the table for quite some time.  

Also, Cross Country practice began the last week of July.  It was hot.  (Fortunately, it's a little cooler this week.)  To keep my children hydrated, I made them eat an entire watermelon in two days.  My husband and I helped some.

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02 August 2016

Day 97 / 105 - Watercolors

My daughter spent a week of her summer at a watercolor camp with several of her new friends from our neighborhood.  She's been spending the rest of the time creating many, many, many silhouette pictures like the ones posted below.