12 July 2016

Day 96 / 105 - June Happens At The Table

June started off quite hectic as we were still winding down all our track and dance activities.  Our days have been a little more relaxed the past few weeks, however I am unable to end the school year until I hit 105 blog posts.  [I told my children to blame my Type A personality that unfortunately only shows up maybe twice a week.]  I need to invest a little time over the next week or two to officially wrap up our 'academic year'.

Here are a few happenings from around our table last month.

Crock-pot cooking isn't always for winter.  I've been using it regularly this summer for a few simple sandwich meals.  Pictured is chicken breast, hot sauce, and cream cheese.  I've also used honey, soy sauce, onions and garlic with pork tenderloin.  Easy and family approved.  Win.  

Lots of caffeine aided me through the final hectic weeks of track and dance. 

I've already posted about our daughter's fabulous dance recital.  

Because our table hasn't been as cluttered with school books, and we've had more free time in the evenings, we've played many games over the past couple weeks.  

Finally, our son is trying to knock out a few Eagle-required merit badges this summer.   Pictured below is his Emergency Prep kit for our household.   

We actually chuckled that he is earning this badge while living in an upper middle class suburb of South Charlotte.  While residing in rural West Virginia, we experienced multi-day power outages from floods, blizzards, derechos, etc.  More than once we were stranded in our car because of a natural emergency.  We always had our house prepared with water, propane, and canned goods, as well as our car prepped with blankets, flashlights, jumper cables, and extra boots.  We told him to share a West Virginia story or two while taking his Emergency Preparedness class.

07 July 2016

Day 95 / 105 - Color Puzzles

This was a blast!  And also a little challenging.  Logic puzzles with color.

The object of these puzzles is to color each shape so that the neighboring shapes do not have the same color.

You would think it would be easy, but some of these were quite the challenge for us.

My children have since found color puzzles as an app.

Thanks to Teach Mama for the excellent idea.  If you want to download the printable, you can find it here.

05 July 2016

Day 94 / 105 - Camp Grimes

On Saturday, we picked up our son from a week of camping with his Scout troop at Camp Grimes.  This was a new summer camp destination for him, however he had visited the camp previously for a weekend trip.

He had a fun week even though his main reason for attending was to knock off a few necessary merit badges. For the older Scouts, there's an upcoming and more exciting journey later this month ....

04 July 2016

Day 93 / 105 - Video Star

I've mentioned before that over the course of this year, my daughter has perfected her video making skills.  She simply loves filming videos and adding her personal touches during the editing process.  Several months ago, she used her birthday money to purchase Filmora, a video editing software.  In the picture below, she is using this software and attempting to explain to me all that is happening on her computer screen.  [This is lost on me as I can barely check email.  ;) ]

She enlisted the help of a few neighbors for her most recent video.  It is my new favorite.  Enjoy.

29 June 2016

Day 92 / 105 - Jim Law Invitational

Our son ran in his final track meet of the summer season last weekend.  He ran spring track, and then continued his training for a few months in order to participate in a few summer club meets.  Club meets are much larger (and longer) than local middle school meets.  It really has been a lengthy season as he has trained nearly everyday since early February.

However, for this final meet his training paid off.  He knocked 5 seconds off his best recorded 800 meter time from the spring.  He's looking forward to a few weeks of travel and lounging on the couch until Cross Country practice begins.

21 June 2016

Day 91 / 105 - Sullivan Dance Centre: End of Year Performance

When we moved to Charlotte last summer, we knew we needed to quickly locate a dance school for our daughter.  This was her third major move, and therefore we were on the lookout for her fourth dance school.

With each move I have thought: Surely we are not going to find a dance school as wonderful as the one she's leaving.  Imagine my surprise when each time I have felt that we have located something even better.  

She's been training at Sullivan Dance Centre since September, and it has been such a blessing.  I anticipate writing more about it in the future because (if it's even possible) she's going to be spending much more time there next year.  But for now, I will say this -- 

When your preteen daughter spends upwards of 10 hours a week at one location, with other preteen girls, ideally you want her to leave the location being an even better person (not just dancer) than she was before she went in.  

We are overjoyed that we have found this school.  We love the programming, the faculty, and the other families involved.  The next few years of dancing will be wonderful.

Last weekend was their delightful recital.  [Also wonderful is this school hires a professional photographer for the recital.  Included are a few screen shots from their proofs, but we look forward to receiving all the photos soon!]

Day 90 / 105 - Pyramid Solitaire

We've been reviewing our math facts with a game I remember from my childhood, Pyramid Solitaire. The object of the game is to remove all the cards from the pyramid while making pairs of thirteen.

The pyramid is arranged with 28 cards in seven rows.  Face cards value at King - 13, Queen - 12, Jack - 11, and the Ace equals one.  Cards from the pyramid can be played once they are exposed.  We've been using a traditional three card flip from the stock.  The game moves pretty quickly and is fun for all ages.  Like most forms of solitaire, winning is rare.

As an added bonus, we're using these lovely National Park playing cards for some U.S. Geography review.

The game can be made easier for younger children by removing face cards and making pairs of ten.   Or rather than a three-card flip from the stock, flip cards one at a time.