15 November 2014

Day 36 / 104 - Meet Cecile and Marie-Grace

Week three of our American Girl class had us discussing Cecile and Marie-Grace.  In 1853, Cecile and Marie-Grace are friends in New Orleans.

Briefly, we discussed how fifty years prior to the girls' friendship the United States purchased Louisiana (for only 15 million dollars !!) from the French, and what exactly that meant for the geography of our country.  We discussed how influential this port city has been in our nation's history.

Then, we traveled to this city, in the south land, way down on the river and made masquerade masks for our dolls and ourselves.  Naturally, we ended our classtime with (decaf) café au laits and beignets.  I enjoyed this class because my daughter and I journeyed to New Orleans in July.

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