08 November 2014

Day 35 / 104 - Teaching Math

One of my favorite aspects of our Challenge A day has been the Math seminar. 

The students are expected to complete certain assignments at home throughout the week.  Then, on seminar day, they each bring a problem from a newly introduced concept to seminar and teach that problem to the rest of the class from the board.  I've learned throughout many instances in life that nothing helps you to understand a concept more than having to teach it to someone else.

My son is able to solve many problems mentally.  This year, arranging his thoughts in order to eloquently explain to his classmates how he arrived at his solution has taken some effort on his part.  But, he has risen to the challenge, and I have seen great improvement in those skills since the start of this semester.  Each week he makes sure he is using the proper math vocabulary to introduce his problem.  He also makes sure to show the various steps he took in order for his classmates to witness how he arrived at the solution.  His comprehension and retention of the concepts he teaches from the board has been incredible which proves to me this exercise has been worthwhile.

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