29 January 2017

Day 23 / 106 - Grammar Scavenger Hunt

I'm facilitating a Grammar course this year using Easy Grammar 9 [more on Easy Grammar in a later post.  Good stuff.]

Throughout my homeschooling years, I've facilitated Grammar classes for upper elementary students, but never for junior high/high school students.  However, I'm becoming more and more convinced that Grammar is a subject that needs to be learned throughout the higher grades.

Since I'm new to teaching older students Grammar, I'm learning I need to develop a few enrichment activities for the class, so they don't have to listen to me ramble on about transitive verbs and direct objects for 50 minutes. In November, I whipped up a Grammar Scavenger Hunt.  I've revised it a few times since then, in order to redo the class activity several times to keep the learning fun.

I use articles from children's magazines, [National Geographic Kids is a crowd favorite -- even for the high schoolers] and I ask the students to find a variety of Grammar concepts in the articles.  They are on the hunt for different types of clauses, sentences, nouns, adjectives, and more.

If you're interested at recreating a similar activity, I would encourage you to read the article before you design your hunt.  Sometimes, not every Grammar concept can be found in every article, and you might have to improvise.


  1. I totally stole this idea today for Mary. Check out commonlit.org. It has great texts for all levels.