03 February 2017

Day 24 / 106 - Savion Glover Stepz

In November, my daughter and I [along with several of her dance friends] enjoyed an evening with Savion Glover.

If you are unfamiliar, Glover is an award-winning rhythmic tap-dancer who Gregory Hines called -- the best tap dancer of all-time.  His performance included an ensemble of dancers, under his choreography, that wowed the audience with their skills.  Glover's style is impressive.  Tap has always been my favorite genre to watch, and seeing it performed at a master level was incredible.


  1. So cool! Noelle just started tap--I'll have to look him up. My favorite genre to watch as well.

    1. Dayna --

      He used to be on Sesame Street in the early '90s, so you can find some fun clips for kids there.