06 June 2016

Day 87 / 105 - Times Tables Spirolaterals

This morning, we discovered more beauty in math by drawing spirolaterals while practicing our times tables.  How cool are these?

Like most ideas on this blog, I lifted this activity from someone else.  You can see complete instructions, as well as an instructional video, by clicking this link.  You'll recognize a pattern as you skip count, and then draw the design from the pattern.  It's a perfect summer activity to drill times tables without your children even realizing that they're drilling times tables.  It takes some concentration to execute the pattern correctly.

If you try out several multiplication tables, you will begin to see patterns repeat themselves.  But, we were surprised to see which tables shared a pattern.  It was quite different from when we experimented with Circle Patterns several weeks ago.  Make sure you try the squares and cubes, also!  

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