01 June 2016

Day 85 / 105 - Unplug and Read

For the month of May I attempted an experiment with my children.  The three of us were to unplug all devices and sit down to read independently for 60 minutes a day.

If you ask me if we are a family that reads, I would say 'yes'.  We do read often, we love stories, and we own lots of books.  I still read aloud to my children everyday that we school at home.  But I have begun to realize that as my children age, reading isn't habitual for them.  If they have down time, they gravitate toward a device.  I must admit, it's what has been modeled for them by their mother.  As we approach the summer months, we needed a reset.

So beginning in May, reading has been assigned for one hour a day.  Mom included.  Even on weekends.  (There were a few days we missed due to traveling, but not many!)  It's actually quite impressive how much can be read in only 60 minutes a day.  Personally, I finished three Shakespeare plays, countless Shakespeare resources, and I'm halfway through my first Dickens novel. My children have flown through a few books of their choosing as well as some 'suggested' titles.  My daughter made it through the wardrobe, and my son has enjoyed life in nineteenth century St. Petersburg, Missouri.

We're planning on continuing the assignment throughout the summer months (and hopefully by that time, it will become a habit) !!  I look forward to updating you on our progress.


  1. Awesome! Which Dickens are you reading? Please say A Tale of Two Cities.

    1. Ha! Oliver Twist. I decided to jump in on the Modern Mrs. Darcy reading challenge a little late. Have you seen it? So fun. One month you're to read 'a book you should have read in school'. I never read Oliver Twist when I was 16, so I'm tackling it now.