19 April 2016

Day 75 / 105 - Mythical Maps and Fantastical Creatures

My children are taking an online writing course from Jennifer Trafton.  (You may remember me mentioning that my son was taking one a few months ago.)  For this recent course, my children have been focusing on fantasy stories and fairy-tales.  They've been building worlds, drawing maps, and creating fantastical creatures.  It's so much fun!

After creating a world via map, my children had to write a Tourist's Guide to their fantasy land.  Their directions were quite entertaining as they instructed visitors on the best place to stop for selfies and how to avoid the Swamp Coyote.  Their next assignment was to begin filling their world with fantasy creatures.  This included a bio for each creature including: size, behavior, diet, and special abilities.

Above you can see my son's world of Yselk Island which is home to the Yodeling Yeti (watch out!).  Below is my daughter's Piggy Island (this is based on an actual bay).  In the Mysterious Forest, keep your eye out for the Shimmering Silva on the trees.


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