08 March 2016

Day 59 / 105 - February Learning With My Kids

Welcome to Daily Learning With My Kids.  Monthly, I'm planning on highlighting when my children (or myself) have learned something new or noteworthy.  Oftentimes, my children will have these discoveries independently and without curriculum.  That's the best kind of learning.  I plan to remember these a-ha moments to keep the joy in the journey.

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My son was responsible for the menu for a Boy Scout Winter Campout.  We tried out a cast iron/dutch oven campfire pizza recipe.  Delicious.  Another perk was how well this reseasoned my skillet.

My daughter received a video camera and editing software for her birthday in December.  She has taught herself how to use both in ways I never knew imaginable.  Check out some of her handiwork on her YouTube channel.

In our Logic class, we learned how to wow others with a little Base 2 number magic.  Follow this link for details on the game.

Are you familiar with the app Daily Art?  In February, I began using it regularly so we can be inspired with beauty and goodness.  A work of fine art is published daily, however you can also search by artist.  It's a great resource, and I recommend you check it out!  

My son wrote a Tall Tale about a Native American boy in the Pacific Northwest.  When I proofed his work, it included many words I had never heard.

Me:  What's Elebekail?
Him:  That's what Native Americans called the Columbia River.  I looked it up.  It means Deep River.

A few of my favorite words I hear from my children are: "I looked it up!"  

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has been such a wonderful companion to Harry Potter as we reread the series this winter/spring.  The footnote on how Muggles view fairies is brilliant.  

We've been reading much about the Roman Empire this winter, so we time-traveled to the First Century with a little help from the classic movie Ben-Hur.

Now it's your turn.  What are you learning with your children?  #DailyLearningWithMyKids

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