03 February 2016

Day 51 / 105 - January Happens At The Table

Even though I have few pictures to reflect it, we've been spending quite a bit of time at the table this January.  I've altered our schedule some so that each day we can  begin with a morning one-room schoolhouse symposium.  It's brilliant.  And simple.  And enjoyable.  I look forward to posting more about it in the future.

Until then, we've been eating.  If you missed this post, I explained how my son is trying to gain weight this year.  Here's his daily breakfast after already consuming a few pieces of toast.  We also made a cake that resembles a giant Girl Scout cookie to help him along his weight gain journey.  (The rest of us did enjoy this cake too, even though we are not trying to gain weight this year!!)

Our Logic class has been an incredible asset to us this winter, and I've enjoyed seeing my children problem solve and (somewhat) enjoy math.  Our instructor gave us a sheet of  SAT warm-up problems, and we've tried to solve one per day.  My husband has assisted at times.  

My Essentials posts repeatedly suggest using color and drawing pictures to help grasp English grammar concepts.  Here we learned about dependent and independent clauses with help from Yoda. 

As an Essentials tutor, another responsibility of mine is to host viewings of IEW's Teaching Writing: Structure and Style.  I've enjoyed hosting these at my home this year as I've fellowshipped with new friends from our Classical Conversations community.  (Plus, as an added bonus, it forces me to clean my home every 6 - 8 weeks!)

Join in on the fun. I'd love to see what's happening around your table.  #LifeHappensAtTheTable

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