02 December 2015

Day 36 / 105 - November Happens At The Table

Apparently Charlotte has had the rainiest November in history - 10 inches!  I do feel like we've gotten outside quite a bit this month, but we have spent many rainy days unloading our game cupboard.  In fact, I believe that games covered the table this month much more the school books.  We're all ok with that. 

If you look closely at the above picture, my daughter is monitoring the National Zoo's baby panda, Bei Bei.  Two years ago I posted about how enamored we were by the National Zoo's Panda Cam while we viewed baby Bao Bao.  If you are unaware, Bao Bao became a big sister in August, and you can watch all the adorableness of the new baby 24 hours a day.  (All the links for the Animal Cams are in the above post).  

I ended my Essentials semester with a BINGO game defining English grammar terms.  It was quite the hit!  My daughter and I will be breaking from Foundations and Essentials until after Christmas, and this break is quite needed.

Seven years ago, when I began homeschooling, I purchased a gigantic roll of butcher paper from a teacher's supply store which was going out of business.  I spent next to nothing on it, and easily it is the school supply we have used the most throughout the years.  For a quick Thanksgiving decoration, we covered the table with the paper and used Sharpies throughout our meal to list our blessings.

One final project from my son's History of Science study was a Shoebox-Scientist quiz.  Each student decorated a shoe box with clues from one of the scientists they studied this semester.  The students were then to figure out which scientist was represented with the clues.  The picture above really doesn't do his Johannes Kepler box justice.  He also was able to identify all but one of the scientists represented.  We ended his semester by (once again!!) pulling out the butcher paper and making a giant timeline incorporating where and when these scientists lived (more on this in a later post).  

Now that it's December, let us enjoy all the wonder and mystery of this season.  Follow along on Instagram for more updates.  You can find my profile here.  #LifeHappensAtTheTable

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