01 December 2015

Day 35 / 105 - Tin Whistle

On the Thursday before Thanksgiving, my daughter and I celebrated a milestone.  After six years, it was her final Foundations class with the Tin Whistle.

Every fall, Classical Conversations Foundation classes are exposed to music theory concepts utilizing the Tin Whistle.  For six weeks, we study the vocabulary of music by becoming familiar with musical symbols, note values and names, rhythm patterns, pitch, and more.  Students also learn how to make music by playing simple songs on the Tin Whistle.  Both my children have always enjoyed the Tin Whistle time mostly because they have had a decent background in music from years of piano lessons.

I realized the other day that with all my years of blogging, I have never once posted about the Tin Whistle even though it is something we have completed annually.  There's probably reason for that if you are familiar with CC's Tin Whistle time.  ;)  However, since we just finished our final round of it, I figured this post was past due.  Worth noting, is my daughter still has her original Tin Whistle purchased in the summer of 2010.  Also, my favorite addition to her Tin Whistle this fall was the case that she independently sewed for it (pictured above).  For several years, my children's favorite Tin Whistle song to play has been Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter.

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