18 August 2015

Day 6 / 105 - Hocking Hills Canopy Tour

The first weekend of August, we met my husband's family to camp in the Hocking Hills of southern Ohio.  I guess we can't stay away.  All things are repetitive in classical education.  One of my very first posts on this blog shared how we enjoyed a similar trip, at the same campground, in 2011.

A highlight for my children, and their cousins, was the Hocking Hills Canopy Tour.  Saturday afternoon, they spent three hours high in the trees, while zipping across lines and traversing sky bridges, before rappelling back to the ground.

Side note:  Upon returning to the area, we noticed the canopy tour that my husband and son did in 2011 was closed.  One of the guides told my husband it was because that certain tour was not complying with certain safety regulations.  Hmmmm ....

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