29 September 2011

Day 7 / 101 - Camping in Tents

We spent the majority of this week camping in the Hocking Hills area of southern Ohio.  Monday was our son's 10th birthday, and we have made it a tradition in our home to have 'experiences' on our birthdays rather than 'parties'.  He suggested we go camping.  Mostly because he wanted to try his hand at a high ropes course in which the minimum participation age was 10.

We planned our trip several weeks ago, and as the date approached, we became super excited.  My husband and I went to college near Hocking Hills, but we are amazed at how much the area has grown since our departure.  It is an easy day trip from anywhere in the state with so much to do that you will almost feel as though you left the state.  We spent one day canoeing down the Hocking River.  One day visiting our Alma mater Ohio University.  Of course my son and husband spent part of one day tackling 60 high ropes obstacles and 30 zip lines.  My daughter and I spent one day horseback riding on the trails (something she has always wanted to do, too!).  The list goes on.  Plus, we had the added enjoyment that comes with camping in tents!

Naturally it rained.  But there are so many life lessons children can learn with a little discomfort.  There are also multiple opportunities to learn the life skills that come from all aspects of camping.  What to pack.  How to pack.  How to read a map.  How to pitch a tent.  How to cover your tent during a storm to keep everything from getting wet.  How to dry your stuff once it gets wet.  How to build a fire.  How to cook over a fire, etc.  All food is better when prepared over a fire and eaten outdoors, wouldn't you agree....?

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