28 January 2015

Day 58 / 104 - Dodgeball

My son is participating in a 12-week gym class for junior and senior highers orchestrated by our local community homeschool association.  We participated in the same activity last year.  Right now, this is a highlight of his week.

For the past three weeks we've been playing dodgeball.  Three weeks of dodgeball might not necessarily warrant its own post on this blog, but I need to mention why the past three weeks have been different.

Our gym days are Wednesday afternoons.  Our Classical Conversations community days are on Thursdays.  My son has much work that needs to be complete by Thursday mornings.  Also, on Wednesdays we have piano lessons, and my daughter has dance.  So now with gym added into our routine, we are home maybe 90 minutes during the day.  Before the afternoon gym class even began, I explained to my son that if he wanted to attend, that might mean he completes some work over the weekends or in the evenings.  He has followed-through and has taken ownership for his work because of how much he enjoys the gym time.

To add to the responsibility, I have been the parent in charge of dodgeball.  (Laugh along with me knowing full well that my only involvement in a formal dodgeball game was less than 30 seconds before I was quickly eliminated.  However, I do possess the skills to print regulation rules off the internet, order official balls, and boss people around.)  Because of this, he has definitely needed to step up, own his share of the involvement, and help with some time management.  I'm pleased to report that he has.

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