13 January 2015

Day 53 / 104 - Latin Word Wall

Man, those Romans.  It's no wonder that their empire succeeded economically, politically, culturally, and strategically.  Trying to decipher all the nuances of the Latin language (and we've only learned very few) has assured me that they were an intelligent bunch!!

My son and I are working on memorizing the basics of this subject in hopes that with time, our understanding of Latin will deepen.  So, over the past week, my son covered our kitchen wall with some of the vocabulary we need to memorize.  We're working on memorizing the Latin word, its English meaning, its genitive (possessive) singular, and its stem.  In the third declension especially, this takes some brain power.

Ideally, we would have written these words all over our patio sliders because I love that.  But, due to an upcoming life change, our sliders need to remain clean.  These papers were attached to the wall with special adhesive allowing for their very easy and very clean removal.  Not as fun, but it still works!


  1. what an excellent idea! Looks like something I should do as well. I would have to include at least one word per declension declined completely to help this old brain retain.

    1. I hear ya'. Also trying to keep the declensions endings straight takes even more brain power!