12 January 2015

Day 52 / 104 - Mondays

I've mentioned before that I've kept this blog documenting out homeschooling journey for several years.  Usually, we use many of the same learning activities over and over.  That being said, I'm running out of ideas to post about.  For my year-end portfolio, I thought about beginning to reference past posts for documentation. This week, we did the Year 1, Day 3 activity along with the Year 3, Day 75 game ....

Because my son has advanced to a middle school curriculum, which does require more sit-down work, many of our weekdays have consisted of 'just getting all the stuff done.'

So, here's a picture of our Monday.  Most Mondays look like this.  Mondays are an easy day for us because no one has any extra-curriculars until later in the evening.  Normally, we work in 45-50 minute increments, taking short breaks before moving onto another subject.  My daughter works independently for two of those time slots, my son for four.  Meanwhile, I try to make some semblance of the kitchen following the weekend.  Today my daughter knocked out Grammar and Math, while my son worked on Math, Science, Latin, and Geography (the Math and Latin I do alongside him).  On Pandora, we listened to a string quartet cover Coldplay and the Beatles.

It truly is a wonderful life!

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