01 December 2013

Day 41 / 103 - What Did You Learn Today?

I attempt to regularly ask my children the question, "What did you learn today?"  I think by rephrasing the age-old question, "What did you do in school today?" this helps to create a continual environment of learning and education.  If you've visited this blog more than once, you know that I firmly believe that education and learning is a lifestyle, and that it doesn't only happen at certain times of the day in certain locations.  We all have an innate desire to learn and discover.  My end-goal as a home educator is to foster within my children that love of learning for a lifetime.

As an experiment, for the month of November I asked my children the question, "What did you learn today?" and wrote down their responses.  This took some organization and discipline on my part (something I learned !!), but I was excited to see how these 30 days would unfold for them.  This post is a little longer than my usual posts, but I think you will enjoy some of their thoughts.

For reference, my son is 12 and my daughter will be 10 this Wednesday.  Also it should be obvious, but I will mention that all of this was learned without my instruction.

1 - Him: Pyong An Oh Dan.
     Her:  How to make a spider out of pipe cleaners and beads.

2 - Him:  Nate's airsoft gun really hurts.
     Her:  I need to point my toes more when I gallop.

3 - Him:  When driving, you need to stay 4 seconds behind the car in front of you.
     Her:  What a fox really does say.

4 - Him:  How to make a tripod.
     Her:  Vanilla is used to make chocolate.

5 - Him:  I have enough money to buy an X-Box.
     Her:  I need to keep my foot flexed while tying my pointe shoes.

6 - Him:  Paintball wars are very tiring.
     Her:  I learned how to memorize The Tale of Custard the Dragon.

7 - Him:  I learned a new side-step defense when sparring.
     Her:  How to start a sentence with a subordinate clause.

8 - Him:  The first half of Bassai.
     Her:  How to make sweet potato bread.

9 - Him:  The second half of Bassai.
     Her:  There are 2720 calories in 3 pounds of bacon.

10 - Him:  Raking leaves is not so bad.
       Her:  How to make a starburst bracelet.

11 - Both:  WWI formally ended on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month in 1918.

12 - Him:  How to play pinball on my DS.
       Her:  How to make a paleo sports drink with coconut water, molasses, and honey.

13 - Him:  A musical sentence is called a phrase.
       Her:  The body's golden rectangle in dancing.

14 - Him:  How to make a rocket out of vinegar, water, baking soda, a bottle and a cork.
       Her:  How to spell carnivore.

15 - Him:  How to flip a 250 pound tire.
       Her:  How to scale an 8-foot wall.

16 - Him:  I like buffalo chicken pizza.
       Her:  A peanut is not a nut.

17 - Him:  I can find a wetsuit in a trashcan.
       Her:  How to make a pen doodle design.

18 - Him:  How to make a tripod-frame tent.
       Her:  How to braid my hair with a flip-braid.

19 - Him:  The Leaning Tower of Pisa leans 2 inches every year.
       Her:  How to dance a waltz.

20 - Him:  The surface area of Asia is larger than the surface area of the moon.
       Her:  How to make a winter hat out of a sock for my dolls.

21 - Him:  Mars is the second smallest planet in the solar system.
       Her:  Mars has the largest volcano in the solar system.

22 - Him:  Mt. Everest grows a 1/4" of an inch every year.
       Her:  A spitting cobra can spit venom 6 feet directly into its victims eyes.

23 - Him:  How to spell obsidian.
       Her:  How to spell ivory.

24 - Him:  Hummingbirds have really weak legs, which is why they always fly.
       Her:  Not to wear black clothes in a car with a white dog.

25 - Him:  How to order a Butterbeer at Starbucks.
       Her:  More of Pahl Dan Kum Bong.

26 - Him:  How scented Gothic banquet water fountains were used in medieval France.
       Her:  It takes two months to make a suit of armor, longer if it's decorated.

27 - Both:  S'mores in the oven are better than s'mores over a campfire.

28 - Him:  The Big Muskie mining machine weighed 27,000,000 pounds.
       Her:  While the Big Muskie was in operation it moved twice a much earth as the Panama Canal.

29 - Him:  How to play The Arabian Dance from the Nutcracker.
       Her:  How to hook up the sewing machine.

30 - Him:  How to adjust the hot water valve leading to the second bathroom.
       Her:  How to sew a pillow.


  1. I am so going to do this, fabulous answers! I loved reading all their responses!

    1. Thanks, Kia. The hardest part was remembering where I had written it all down. ;) Just have your daughter keep track of it herself. That's what I learned for next time !!