16 September 2013

Day 17 / 103 - 28 Sentences

This is my third year keeping this blog.  Since my educating style is (mostly) classical, that means I teach my children the same concepts over and over and over again until they begin to master the concept.  So roughly, each year of their primary years of learning look pretty much the same.  We repeat most of the same activities.  That being said, I'm starting to run out of things to post on this blog, because I have already posted an activity similar to this here.  And again here.  However, I still have to produce a portfolio at the end of each academic year.  And, I'm super proud of my children for this activity they completed today.  So, I'm posting it again, because clearly I like repetition.

Our Essentials program teaches us that there are only 112 sentences in the English language, and that every sentence can be identified as one of the 112 if you know how to identify a sentence's structure, purpose, and pattern.  Today, I had my children come up with 28 original sentences to fit the first sentence structural layout all on their own.  My daughter needed a little assistance to get started, but my son NAILED the activity.  He will be 'graduating' from this class at the end of this year, so I am beyond pleased that he is showing mastery of this concept.  We will still continue to work through this activity this year.  28 sentences down, 84 to go.

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