18 September 2013

Day 18 / 103 - ... And Draw Another

In 1783, Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to his 11-year-old daughter where he outlines his expectations for her school day.  It reads:   

With respect to the distribution of your time, the following is what I should approve:
From 8. to 10. o'clock practise music.
From 10. to 1. dance one day and draw another.
From 1. to 2. draw on the day you dance, and write a letter next day.
From 3. to 4. read French.
From 4. to 5. exercise yourself in music.
From 5. till bedtime, read English, write, & copy. 

If I heed his advice with my own children, it is acceptable that my dining room table look like this everyday of the week.

The laptop is there for drawing tutorials only. :)

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