28 August 2013

Day 9 / 103 - American Girl Gymnastics

I do think one of the best things that has come from my daughter's interest in the American Girl dolls is her desire and ability to create additional items for her collection of dolls.  Recently, she constructed an entire gymnastics studio.
Several weeks ago she saw a picture of an uneven bars set for 18" dolls.  She decided she wanted to make her own.  She found directions somewhere on the internet.  She made a shopping list where she wrote down the exact measurements of PVC pipe needed.  She had her father take her to Lowe's to purchase the supplies.  She assembled the bars and spray painted them blue (her favorite color).  After constructing the bars, she decided she needed a few extras to go along with her gym.  She made a balance beam (out of a piece of wood covered with duct tape), a vault (out of craft foam and duct tape), and several practice mats.
Aside from one parent driving her to Lowe's to purchase the supplies, the rest of this project was done completely independently.  I can't wait to see what she'll be able to create once she can drive and has her own paycheck.


  1. What was the cost for the materials?

    1. For the PVC pipes and spray paint, approximately $15.

      The rest of the gym she made with left over materials we had around our home.