29 August 2013

Day 10 / 103 - First Day of Classical Conversations

Today we began our Classical Conversations school year.  What's exciting to us is that we're part of a new community right here in Beckley.  Last year we were commuting an hour to the closest CC campus.  We're thrilled to now be hosted by a church that's right down the road.  This marks our third community in four years, but honestly not much changes between campuses.  Communities exist to complement our home education and connect us with like-minded families.  We are surrounded with others who equip both parents and students with the classical tools of learning.

My children, again, are participating in both the Foundations and Essentials programs, but I have taken on a new role.  I'm tutoring our Essentials class (the afternoon Language Arts and Math session) where I will be helping upper elementary students master the essentials of English grammar, writing, and mathematical skills.  I'm super excited !!

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  1. Found you from the Ryan Gosling page (which totally cracked me up). I just became a Challenge A tutor this year and CC has been like a heavenly blessing for us. Hope you have a super year!