08 January 2013

Day 58 / 102 - More Rubik's Cube

My nine-year-old daughter learned how to solve the Rubik's Cube last week.

I've posted about the Rubik's Cube before (here).  There are countless algorithms that can be memorized in order to solve the cube.  About seven years ago, my husband learned one.  When my son was old enough, my husband taught it to him.  My son has since taken it to the next level by memorizing additional algorithms in order to beat his solution time.  His current best is one minute and seventeen seconds.

Early in December, my daughter wanted to learn.  To memorize the algorithms you need two things.  Spatial relations and patience.  She has the spatial relations down.  However, she lacks patience.  We did not think she would sit down and practice (for what seems like endless hours) in order to memorize the pattern.  But, she was determined, and after persisting for a couple of weeks, she is now capable of solving the cube.

This means I am the only member of my family unable to solve the Rubik's Cube.  I lack the spatial relations.  Quite possibly, I lack the patience, too.

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