10 January 2013

Day 59 / 102 - Giotto

Over the next six weeks, for our Classical Conversations fine arts projects, we are studying great artists from the Renaissance and post-Renaissance period using the book Discovering Great Artists.  I posted about this book briefly last year (here), and how the book teaches the styles, techniques, and works of many great artists, as well as including a related activity for each artist.

Today, we discussed Giotto (1266 - 1337), who before becoming an artist, was a shepherd in Italy.  He made his paint by grinding minerals, berries, or even insects into fine powder and mixing the pigment with egg yolk and water.  Egg tempera makes a thin, fast drying coat of bright color.  The paint is very strong and long lasting.

Our related assignment was to explore Giotto's technique of painting with egg tempera by recreating a similar paint using crushed chalk and egg yolks.  You can see my children's finished work, painted with their own egg tempera paint, pictured above.

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