05 January 2013

Day 57 / 102 - Reviewing with Legos

After playing around on a few Lego blogs recently, I thought it would be fun if we started to work on our memory work using Legos.  This year for science we are memorizing basic Biology and Geology lists.  I wrote the components of the lists on Legos, mixed up all the pieces, and then timed my children to see how quickly they could sort out the lists.  Then the next day, we competed to beat our time from the day before.

This was a great way to play-to-learn, and I'm looking forward to reviewing other subjects this way once I create the pieces.


  1. Can you post the lists you are memorizing for Biology and Geology?

    1. Hi Lisa ...

      Our lists are copyrighted, so I can't post them in their entirety. The lists from these photos were Biology related: Classifications of Living Things, Kingdoms of Living Things, Parts of Animal and Plant Cells, etc.

  2. Oh, this is fantastic! My 11 yr old is really into the Minute to Win It games. This is perfect for that. Plus, how easy is the supply list and time to put together? Mommy win!