10 November 2011

Day 21 / 101 - BSF

For the past three years my children have been involved in the school-age program of Bible Study Fellowship.  If you are unfamiliar with BSF, it is a international, interdenominational Christian organization that offers a system of structured Bible study.  I could go on and on about the impact BSF has had in my own life, but honestly, what I want to focus on is their program for children.

We knew when we began homeschooling that we wanted to teach a Bible curriculum to our children.  BSF has not only made that possible, but has far exceeded our expectations.  My children have been actively studying the Bible and learning to apply it to their daily lives.  This year we've been studying the Acts of the Apostles.  Every Tuesday night we attend class where my children sing hymns, discuss their Acts lesson, discover more about the historical context of the time, learn truths from the passage, and memorize scripture.  Then, throughout the week, we complete another lesson so we can return the following Tuesday for another class night.  It has been part of our routine and part of our curriculum, and I couldn't be more pleased.

To clearly communicate the life changing impact of this study in their lives, I will briefly recount some recent conversations with my daughter, who's not quite 8.  First, she was able to tell me in detail, with quotes from the text, about when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and how both Mary and Martha responded.  This came from a passage in the gospel of John, which she studied two years ago!  Then, after a few temper tantrums (remember...she's 7 1/2, and therefore she can throw some pretty good ones!), she said, 'Mom.  I know that I can ask God to change my attitude.  And, I know that He can change me, and that He wants to change me.  Something my BSF teacher said tonight helped me to see that!'  I am overly impressed that she can recognize and own this truth at such a young age.

You can locate the BSF class nearest you by clicking here.

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