07 November 2011

Day 20 / 101 - MindTrap

We play lots of games around our home.  And, once the time and weather changes for the winter, it is usually how we spend the bulk of most evenings.  Be prepared to read postings on some of our favorites.

MindTrap is a puzzle, mystery, and trick question game that my husband and I bought when we were in college.  The game is full of questions and riddles that will challenge your thinking and exercise your mind.  This game has been perfect for our children to learn lateral thinking.  In order to solve each riddle, it is necessary for them to think indirectly and creatively, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious.  Truth be told, we've never even used the game board or played the game as the instructions state.  We usually just sit around and ask each other the riddles.  Here are two of the kids' favorites from the other night:

There's a well documented story of a famous group of blue collar type, hard working guys who met at an inconspicuous inn for a celebration.  Several days later, their leader was brutally executed.  Who were they?

Jed Recluse climbed the castle stairs to his ultra private bathroom.  The windowless room was constructed of concrete blocks and stone.  As Jed closed the large wooden door he heard the outside latch fall shut, locking him in.  Without considering the possibilities, Jed turned on the taps to take a bath and ponder his escape.  When the bathtub was full, Jed went to turn the water off, but both taps were stripped and broken.  Jed was not only locked in, but he could not turn the water off.  Since the room was water tight, and the water was beginning to cover the floor, how would Jed keep from drowning?

Players are allowed to ask yes or no questions about the puzzle scenario in order to help deduct the answer.  I think one of the hardest parts of the game for my children is learning how to ask yes or no questions....: )

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