11 November 2011

Day 22 / 101 - Lake Farmpark

Lake Farmpark is a delightful working farm on 235 acres that is located east of Cleveland in Kirtland, Ohio.  It provides multiple opportunities to understand farming and see how it has progressed over time.  USA Today named it one of the top 10 educational sites to learn about farming.  Along with many farm skill demonstrations and a science center, the park is home to dozens of breeds of livestock, which is the reason my children love to visit.  Wagon rides are the mode of transportation throughout the park.  The park also has an ambitious schedule of seasonal celebrations and events.

Obviously, throughout the past few years, we've made many visits to the Farmpark.  We visited last week and the high point was one-week-old piglets (pictured above).  My children also conquered the seasonal corn maze a couple of times, while their father tackled the Autumn Leaves 5 Mile Run (which was our whole reason for visiting the park in the first place).

If you are in this area of Ohio, the Farmpark is always worth a visit!

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