04 November 2011

Day 19 / 101 - Give Thanks

I swiped the idea of making a Give Thanks Calendar from my friend Katina.  It seemed like an appropriate way to spend the month...reminding ourselves what we are grateful for.  Hers is really amazing and quite a bit more crafty than mine.  You can read all about it here.

However, I wanted to get moving on ours, otherwise I knew it would remain an unfinished project with good intentions (Like a 500 piece Great Pumpkin puzzle that is incomplete and trashing our kitchen table right now.  I'm debating cleaning that up this afternoon.), so I modified her calendar a bit in order to use some supplies we already had on hand.

Each picture was glued onto the poster board as a pocket.  For every day this month, all four of us will write on a piece of paper something we are thankful for and tuck it into the pocket of the appropriate day.  I hope it will help to get us into the habit of being thankful for something every day of the year!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Anne this is awesome!!! I LOVE your calendar!! Great job:)