10 September 2017

Year Nine, Week Two

This was our soft-opening week.  We organized ourselves to prepare for a full-start Tuesday morning.

Dance resumed for my daughter.  She truly loves life when dance classes are in session.  This year, she will be at the studio upwards of 20 hours a week.  Unbelievable.  Her studio is a place that teaches character development as much as dance technique, and for that I'm grateful.  The most exciting addition to her schedule this year is the Beginning Combination class where she is the Teacher's Assistant [pictured above].  We're so excited for this opportunity for her.

Our son took the ACT Saturday morning.  Saturday evening, he ran a 17:11 5K.  Again, unbelievable. It was his first race breaking into the 17-minute-mark.  At the finish he said, 'Had I known how close I was to breaking into the 16-minute-mark, I would have run 11 seconds faster.'

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