17 September 2017

Year Nine, Week Three

This week, we started our homeschool classes at the YMCA.  Along with teaching seven different classes, I also help to facilitate and to lead the program.  It really is an impressive site.  For the fall ten-week session, we have over 400 students enrolled in 104 different classes or workshops.  My children are taking a couple of academic classes [Algebra, American Lit, Biology] and a couple of classes for fun [Photography, Psychology, P.E.].  More updates on their classes will come.

I posted about our YMCA Homeschool Program earlier this year.  You'll need to reference that post to see a small picture of the 22-acre facility where we hold the majority of our classes.  This week, over the three days that we held class, I logged 40,000 steps.

This was just Day 1!

Our program runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Because my responsibilities require me to be out of the home more than my children, I have equipped them with several ways to complete their work.

I joked on Instagram that this is the working mom's solution to a Morning Time Basket for independent-learning teens.  I made a Bingo card full of English/Language Arts activities and assignments for eight weeks.  I stapled a couple file-folders together in lapbook format, and inside I included copies of everything they need to complete the card.  The folder is portable.  A completed Bingo card by October 31st wins a prize.

Our son ended the week with a canoe/camping trip to Lake Jocassee, South Carolina.  We have heard Lake Jocassee called the Tahoe-of-the-East.  He confirmed that the place is beautiful, and that we need to make a trip soon.

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