26 March 2017

Day 35 / 106 - Easy Grammar 9

This year, my children and I (along with my Grammar class at the Y) are learning from Easy Grammar's Grade 9 text.  I have come to really enjoy this book.

Easy Grammar is set up in a daily format, and each lesson has five components.  However, it takes a student less than ten minutes to complete each lesson.  Concepts are introduced, expanded, and reviewed throughout the text.  I keep reminding the students (and their parents) that a little grammar at the high school level can go a long way.

Specifically, I like this book for two main reasons.  First, many of the grammar concept exercises are similar to the Writing and Language questions on the SAT.  Every time I come across a question in the book that is similar to a question on a test, I make sure students note that in their book.  Usually, these questions have something to do with subject-verb agreement or pronoun-antecedent agreement.

Second, the final component of each day is sentence combining.  Students take the information provided in a few short sentences and combine that information into one excellent sentence.  It's like a daily IEW drill.  Students need to really think through independent and dependent clauses, as well as phrases, to create excellent sentences.

If you are looking for simple grammar instruction at the high school level, I would definitely recommend this text.

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