07 February 2017

Day 27 / 106 - Mohammed and the Golden Age of Islam

Following Emperor Justinian, week seven of Middle Ages History had us researching Mohammed and the Golden Age of Islam.  I truly enjoy researching history from Arabia.  I don't think I knew any Arabian history until I became a homeschooler.

With my daughter, my second favorite way to complete a History research assignment is by producing a poster [we call it a magazine cover] like the one pictured above.  [My favorite way is with an acrostic poem.  More on that later.  I'm amazed at the amount of information we can unearth is one acrostic poem.]

In class, we defined MohammedMohammed was a central 7th Century Arabian figure who founded the Islamic religion.  Islam preaches that Allah is the one true god.

Some notable hashtags: 

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