07 October 2016

Day 5 / 106 - Puppy Cam

I never thought we'd love anything more than the National Zoo's Panda Cam.  That is until we learned of Denali National Park's Puppy Cam.

Denali National Park proudly boasts a working sled dog team as rangers that help them maintain the park.  Every summer, the park attempts to breed a litter to add to this essential team.  In late July, they introduced the Birthday Litter named in honor of the National Park Service's centennial.  

There are now five puppies with birthday names (Happy, Party, Pinata, Hundo, and Cupcake) with a live webcam in their pen.  There is seriously much adorableness to be witnessed daily.  Watching one baby panda has always been entertaining, but watching five puppies romp around a pen brings all sorts of new joy to our day.  You must visit the site.

A few things to note.  First, Alaska is four hours behind eastern time.  Good times to view the cam are between 7 - 8 am (Alaskan time) while the playful pups wake for the day, and between 5 - 6 pm (Alaskan time) when they receive their dinner.  Also, if you visit and notice an empty pen, the pups are probably out for training and should return shortly.  If you follow Denali on Facebook, they often update what is happening in the pups' training.

Party is the blonde, and Pinata is the one with German Shepard type coloring.  The three black ones are Happy, Hundo, and Cupcake.  They all look similar, but my children have learned who's who.  Enjoy.

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