26 September 2016

Day 1 / 106 - Cruisin'

Over the past three weeks, I've had every intention to sit down and begin documenting our eighth year of home education.  I already have many posts to share!  There have been multiple distractions, including days without power, internet connection, and water (water really shouldn't interfere with blogging, but I had to mention it)!  Our academic year is actually off to a fantastic start, and I'm looking forward to keeping you abreast of our journey.  We've made a few changes to our schedule and our curriculum.  So far, so good.

However, rather than ending our school year with a vacation, we opted to begin our year with a 5-day cruise to the Bahamas.  The last week of August was a perfect time to travel, and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.  

We docked for a day in Nassau.  After spending the morning on a catamaran cruise that included snorkeling, we visited a few historical sites.  

Two memorable moments for our children.  First, our daughter was awarded a Carnival trophy for winning The Hunger Games trivia.  [Just so you know how difficult their trivia games are, we lost terribly in Harry Potter trivia (even though we're currently rereading the books), and during Friends trivia there were three questions I couldn't even answer!]  Secondly, our son left the ship with eight stitches in his left eyebrow due to a collision with another teen during one of their scheduled events.  On the plus side, Carnival's medical centers are top-notch!  

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