12 July 2016

Day 96 / 105 - June Happens At The Table

June started off quite hectic as we were still winding down all our track and dance activities.  Our days have been a little more relaxed the past few weeks, however I am unable to end the school year until I hit 105 blog posts.  [I told my children to blame my Type A personality that unfortunately only shows up maybe twice a week.]  I need to invest a little time over the next week or two to officially wrap up our 'academic year'.

Here are a few happenings from around our table last month.

Crock-pot cooking isn't always for winter.  I've been using it regularly this summer for a few simple sandwich meals.  Pictured is chicken breast, hot sauce, and cream cheese.  I've also used honey, soy sauce, onions and garlic with pork tenderloin.  Easy and family approved.  Win.  

Lots of caffeine aided me through the final hectic weeks of track and dance. 

I've already posted about our daughter's fabulous dance recital.  

Because our table hasn't been as cluttered with school books, and we've had more free time in the evenings, we've played many games over the past couple weeks.  

Finally, our son is trying to knock out a few Eagle-required merit badges this summer.   Pictured below is his Emergency Prep kit for our household.   

We actually chuckled that he is earning this badge while living in an upper middle class suburb of South Charlotte.  While residing in rural West Virginia, we experienced multi-day power outages from floods, blizzards, derechos, etc.  More than once we were stranded in our car because of a natural emergency.  We always had our house prepared with water, propane, and canned goods, as well as our car prepped with blankets, flashlights, jumper cables, and extra boots.  We told him to share a West Virginia story or two while taking his Emergency Preparedness class.

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