21 June 2016

Day 91 / 105 - Sullivan Dance Centre: End of Year Performance

When we moved to Charlotte last summer, we knew we needed to quickly locate a dance school for our daughter.  This was her third major move, and therefore we were on the lookout for her fourth dance school.

With each move I have thought: Surely we are not going to find a dance school as wonderful as the one she's leaving.  Imagine my surprise when each time I have felt that we have located something even better.  

She's been training at Sullivan Dance Centre since September, and it has been such a blessing.  I anticipate writing more about it in the future because (if it's even possible) she's going to be spending much more time there next year.  But for now, I will say this -- 

When your preteen daughter spends upwards of 10 hours a week at one location, with other preteen girls, ideally you want her to leave the location being an even better person (not just dancer) than she was before she went in.  

We are overjoyed that we have found this school.  We love the programming, the faculty, and the other families involved.  The next few years of dancing will be wonderful.

Last weekend was their delightful recital.  [Also wonderful is this school hires a professional photographer for the recital.  Included are a few screen shots from their proofs, but we look forward to receiving all the photos soon!]

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