29 March 2016

Day 66 / 105 - Map Sketchbook

My daughter's Foundations class is full of 12-year-olds who are in their final year of the program.  Her Tutor has done a fantastic job at encouraging the students to sketch maps regularly.  She has maintained an incentive plan for the students who sketch at least one map each week.

To organize this plan, at the beginning of the year, I purchased my daughter a sketch book.  She has worked diligently this year to fill it with hand drawn maps,  It was a simple way to keep us organized!


  1. Great idea for the book. We have done this each community day for all our classes. I did not think about the book idea but could add it for next year. We did a Geography challenge where the children (and moms) could submit up to three Geo drawings each week, gain three tickets, then enter them in for prizes drawn each 6 week period. Prizes for children were related to this cycle memory work and moms prizes were usually donated by moms that made things or had some sort of home based business and contributed to the give-aways.
    I would like to hear about the incentive the tutor gave to the class.... What a great keepsake for your daughter.

    1. Hi Suzanne ...

      It's an ongoing incentive from Review Time. There are an equal number of boys and girls in the class, so she has kept a running total of points they've earned. Maps included. At the end of each six weeks, whichever team has the most points chooses prizes first. Our tutor has purchased simple dollar store type prizes.