16 November 2015

Day 31 / 105 - Writing From (Lego) Pictures

If you visit this blog regularly, you have seen this assignment before.  Part of IEW's syllabus is the Writing From Pictures unit.  The student is given a series of three pictures, and from there the student authors a three paragraph story incorporating as many of the writing dress-ups and decorations learned throughout the semester.

For my Essentials class, I enjoyed using some photos from a Lego comic strip for our assignment.  Originally, I thought it would be incredibly fun to have actual Lego scenes for our assignment, but our family has not done a decent job of unpacking the legos since moving five months ago.  Instead of scrambling for Legos the night before my class, I opted for some photos off the internet.

My daughter's story follows:

One day, Sir Napoleon, the French Explorer, was desperately searching for diamonds in the frigid and freezing arctic. Even though the sun shone brightly, it did not warm the arctic air. While his team of sled dogs was howling and whimpering, “Find Bacon!” his faulty metal detector went off.


“Diamonds!” Sir Napoleon yelled.

Upon investigating the site, sadly he discovered it was only bacon. So he disappointingly tossed it to his dogs.

Sir Napoleon quickly resorted to his pick ax and started furiously digging because he was still hoping for treasure. As he was digging, he stumbled upon a polar bear's cave. He peeked inside the cave and witnessed colorful jewels of many kinds. Sir Napoleon was terrified of the vicious bear, who happened to be sleeping, but he needed those jewels. He thought to himself, “I will scare away the bear and take his treasure.”

He called out in the deepest voice he could muster and yelled, “I am coming for you, bear.” The frightened, sleepy bear replied while shaking, “Mama? Is that you?”

“Yes” answered Sir Napoleon.

“Oh, Mother. I was having a scary nightmare.” The bear, still trembling and shaking, came to the door to discover it was only silly Sir Napoleon. Now the bear was terribly annoyed.

“How dare you try to steal my jewels!!” the bear angrily yelled. In one quick bite, he devoured Sir Napoleon.

Noticing the sled dogs, the bear invited them into his cave and fried them some bacon. The dogs and the bear lived happily ever after.

The End

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