23 September 2015

Day 18 / 105 - Orlando, 2015

Last week my husband needed to be in Orlando for his company's Finance Professionals conference.  Of course, we joined in for the fun.

We stayed in the Villas of the Omni Resort at Championsgate.  Our hotel room was larger than our first several apartments.  Each child had their own bedroom.  We even had a laundry room.  My husband changed jobs this year which led to a move, much transition, and (naturally!) added stress.  This hotel room, however, made up for some of that!

We visited Gatorland, a local wildlife preserve filled with thousands of alligators and crocodiles, as well as other swamp and tropical animals.  Irony struck at the end of the week when my children claimed this was their favorite part of our trip.  It cost a fraction of what we paid elsewhere.

A highlight was visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, something I've wanted to do since we first read the books.  Universal Studios has quite the set up as you have to visit two different parks to travel through both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley via the Hogwarts Express.   The entire day was quite magical.  I think we all will be revisiting the books again this fall.

Thanks to the conference, we had discounted admission to a Disney park one afternoon, so we opted for Epcot.  It had been five years since our last visit to Epcot (I know this because it was before I kept this blog).  Epcot, I think, is the 'most educational' of all the Disney parks and often the least crowded. Traveling through the World Showcase is always a blast!

This week, we've been diligently working to readjust back to life after a mid-September vacation!


  1. Sounds amazing! I remember Epcot from when I was a kid. Loved it. My oldest just finished book 4 of the HP series. It was a creepy, windy night. Perfect.

    1. Goblet of Fire is probably my favorite of all the books. I could have gone either way with the series until I got to Book 4. It was the Quidditch World Cup that sold me. Brilliant writing!