22 September 2011

Day 6 / 101 - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

If I had to label my homeschooling style (although I believe that labels are for tin cans), I would tell you that I'm a little bit Charlotte Mason, a little bit Classical (more on both of those styles later), and most importantly, I incorporate a ton of literature based activities into our curriculum.  When I entered into the world of homeschooling three years ago, I reentered the world of Children's Literature.  This has been one of my favorite parts of homeschooling.  I've enjoyed rereading some of my favorites from when I was a child, as well as becoming familiar with some of the new authors of today.  In addition, I believe that most anything can be learned from a book.

Both my children love to read, which is fortunate.  We don't have to encourage or force them to do so.  They will pick up a book and get lost in it.  I think some of this stems from the fact we don't have a television (I'll probably post more on that later, too) and some of it comes from seeing us read.  Especially my husband.  I don't think a day of their lives has passed that they haven't seen their father reading a book.

Reading out loud to my children is still one of my daily activities, even though they are avid readers.  Sometimes we read new books.  Sometimes we reread favorites.  I've always wanted to keep track of the books we read audibly throughout the school year, but I get sidetracked and forget.  I'm hoping this blog will help me create that list. I've decided on occasion I will post what we're reading, and quote one of my favorite parts.  Obviously you can see what my daughter and I are reading this week.

"....He couldn't know that at this very moment, people meeting in secret all over the country were holding up their glasses and saying in hushed voices: 'To Harry Potter - the boy who lived!'" - J. K. Rowling

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