03 September 2015

Day 14 / 105 - August Happens At The Table

August was the month to transform our catch-all-for-moving-boxes dining room into something that resembles a room hospitable for eating and learning.  Fortunately, we headed in that direction.

Intentionally, I scheduled two meetings in our home during the month of August, so that I would remain motivated in our unpacking.  We are not completely finished unpacking yet, but I'm pleased to report that in two months time we are further along in the process that we ever have been before.

We had an early start to Classical Conversations this year.  This will allow us to take a sizable fall break in October.  My son has added Logic into his coursework.  

I mentioned in an earlier post that my son is researching historical scientists this semester.  My daughter has enjoyed researching nature (including bugs that have welcomed themselves into our southern home) for her Science work this fall.

Follow along on Instagram and join in on the fun, #LifeHappensAtTheTable.  Now that we're somewhat unpacked and faintly organized, perhaps we'll eat dinner at the table once or twice come September.

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