11 August 2015

Day 4 / 105 - Classical Conversations' Parent Practicum

In July, my children and I attended yet another Classical Conversations' Parent Practicum.  It was my eighth practicum with CC.  These yearly 3-day events offer much needed encouragement, inspiration, and long-term vision to parents.  I've posted before about how CC practicums include Student Camps, and throughout the years my own children have attended camps on Geography, Drawing, Public Speaking, Writing, Trigonometry, Latin, and this year my daughter spent three days learning about the beauty of Science.  She loved it!

This year's practicum was a blessing for me for two reasons.  First, because of our recent relocation, I didn't have an official 'job' at the local practicum I attended.  For the past several years, I have served as a practicum trainer.  This year I was only a trainee.  The relaxed change of pace was an encouragement to me.

Secondly, and most importantly, my favorite part of this practicum (and possibly all practicums I've ever attended) was that my son volunteered in one of the Student Camps.  He had a job while I didn't!  Because he now meets the volunteer age limit, he assisted all three days in a Geography and Drawing class for 25 students aged 6 - 8.  He worked harder than I've ever seen him work managing a handful of the boys.  At lunch the first day he exclaimed, "It's so hard!" He enjoyed himself immensely even though at the end of each day, he was spent!

My son, in the green Seahawks cap, playing checkers with many of his 'students'.

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