10 August 2015

Day 3 / 105 - Wisconsin and Minnesota: Check

Our Great Lakes adventure enabled us to check off a few more states from our list.  Originally, we never intended to travel with our children to all 50 states.  But, as we approach the end of the list, visiting the Continental U.S. seems like a very doable goal within the next few years.

My daughter had never been to Wisconsin.  My son and daughter, along with myself, had never been to Minnesota.  Since we were camping near the western border of Wisconsin, we spent a day in Minneapolis, at the Mall of America, in order to check Minnesota off our lists.

Updated State Count:  My husband and I have now been to all 48 continental states.  My son has been to 45, missing Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Alaska and Hawaii.  My daughter has been to 44, missing the same states as my son, and also Arizona.

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