11 December 2014

Day 47 / 104 - Fall Semester Blue Book Assessment

My son took his first Blue Book Assessment last week.  In related news, I wrote my first Blue Book Assessment last week.

As we continue on this educational journey, we've realized that learning is only part of the journey.  Another part is being able to communicate to others what you are learning.  Like everything else, this is a process that doesn't happen overnight.  My son has the next 5 1/2 years to develop this skill.

This year, he is exploring six subjects (seminars) in his Classical Conversations' Challenge A curriculum.  Last week ended our fall semester.  He spent a few hours this week reflecting on discussions and lessons from this entire semester across various subjects.  He jotted down his reflections in a composition notebook allowing him to express his ideas, and allowing his father and I to evaluate that expression.  I am impressed with all that he has discovered this year and his commitment to his educational journey.  The Blue Book assessment has been a highlight for me this fall.


  1. You are my CC hero. You, your family and this blog are truly good and beautifully instructive examples on the encouraging reality that the CC program can be depended upon to achieve its stated goals with the SHARED commitment by both parent and student. Not only that, your written journeys show how the concept of schole is actually available with your repeated reminder about how mastery is only to be expected OVER TIME. This is such a definite and deliberate break away from the ever present tendency to consume all kinds of curriculum in order to make a certain grade and then move on. Your blog has always helped me see our way clear among that kind of distraction. May our God's
    Abundant Goodness rest on you for blessing all of us! :-) (BTW, I look forward to seeing more on the increased skills for the blue book assessments as our 11 yo daughter will soon be there in a blink!)

    1. Thanks, Gaylene. I appreciate your encouragement today.