08 April 2014

Day 84 / 103 - Timeline

Every year my children memorize a History Timeline that includes 161 people, places, and events that have shaped history.  In the past, I've posted some enrichment activities that we've completed with these cards (here and here).  However, today I wanted to mention briefly how impressed I am that my children have this Timeline memorized.  Once again, they are gearing up to prove they have memorized all their Classical Conversations memory work for this year.  As a result, we've been reviewing this Timeline in full for the past couple weeks.

There is a song they can sing, and the recording takes about 14 minutes.  My children figured out long ago they can move much faster than the recording and finish the Timeline in its entirety in about seven minutes.  They both have the ability to start at any point in the Timeline and proceed onward.  This morning's activity consisted of sorting out the 161 jumbled cards into proper order.  After sorting out the entire Timeline, we then located and pulled the two dozen cards that correspond with this year's History memory work.

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