22 January 2013

Day 63 / 102 - Classical Acts and Facts History Cards

Last year, thanks to Pinterest, I became briefly internet famous (for about a day) because of a post I published with various learning activities we accomplished using our Veritas Press Timeline cards.  (Click here).

This year, Classical Conversations has developed a new timeline curriculum of 161 events of human history, representing major cultures and every continent.  This timeline complements our History curriculum and has been a wonderful addition to the very minimal amount of 'textbooks' we use.

Along with using the 10 activities posted from last year, I wanted to add two more that we've been having fun with since this fall.

11.  Pictionary.  Select a card.  Draw a picture representing that card.  See how long it takes others to guess which card you selected.

12.  Recreate the Scene with Legos.  Another activity I wish I would have thought of years ago.  This has kept my children occupied for hours.  Below you will see where they recreated Creation and the Fall, and Jews Return and Rebuild the Temple.  In recreating the scene, I make my children give me facts that can be found on the back of the card.  They need to answer such questions as: Where is this taking place?  Who's represented in your creation?  When is is taking place?  What did you include that is significant to the creation?  Why do you think this event is included in the timeline?  Etc.  This has been super fun, because everything is more fun with Legos!

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